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Platform Overview 

Automatic sentiment analysis and quali-quantitative reports



Monitor overall trend of Sentiment, popularity and other KPI about your keywords

Content Flow

All your sources joint together into a single stream

Content Analysis

In-depth analysis of the words related to your keywords

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What is?


VIKI SENTIMENT is the analysis and monitoring platform for web reputation (brand reputation) and market sentiment. All the advantages of Social Media Monitoring, Social Media Management, automatic Sentiment Analysis, included into a single tool.

An incredible tool for marketing, VIKI SENTIMENT crawlers scan and analyze thousands of web sources everyday (Social Media, web sites, forums, blogs, etc.). VIKI SENTIMENT easy-to-use dashboards help marketers to define precise targets and customized monitoring options.

The right tool for you


Whether you are a single marketer, a brand, an agency or an enterprise, your primary objective must be Online Reputation: we have the right tool for you.

Viki Sentiment provides either quantitative reports (volumes, tags, activities), either qualitative reports (sentiment, good influencers, detractors, appreciations, critics).

Your marketing analysis will gain great benefits from VIKI SENTIMENT, thanks to realtime information about Customer Satisfaction and Sentiment from your audience. A better undestanding of your market will enable your company to improve products and services.

Automatic Sentiment Analysis


The precision of VIKI SENTIMENT is unbeatable: its internal technology, developed by Software Evolution, is based on semantic analysis of natural language, and grants result quality much higher compared to other traditional services keyword or vote based.

Supported languages include: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Arab.

Drill down: from summary to single article


The platform allows fast switching from a summary interactive report down to a single conversation with a simple click. Keeping all the conversations that matter under control has never been so simple!

A table view and a content flow view are available to filter, sort, search and export single articles acquired by the engine.

Customization and Configuration


Have fun while working! Thanks to its simple interface, VIKI SENTIMENT configuration is a breeze!

Activate and setup source types to be monitored, define keywords using the integrated rule-based engine.

Define the workflow for your Team, assign roles, enable automatic email alerts to receive a full press report into your mailbox.